Abiding in the Love of God

In the Gospel of John, we get a glimpse into what it means to abide in God’s love. Jesus has just washed his disciples’ feet and shared the Passover feast with the rag-tag crew he had called, just three years earlier, to leave everything behind and follow him. Then, with the profound poignancy of one […]

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Authenticity in the Church

There is no getting around the fact that we are all broken. Yep. Every last one of us. Hurting. Insecure. Awkward. Prideful. Ruined by illness and ravished by our own inhumanity, we rage against the self and the system. It’s true: we are fallen. Screw-ups. Messy. Wayward. To know thyself – or to know anyone […]

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A Treatise on Forgiveness

We are commanded by Jesus to forgive others, even those…especially those…who have wronged us. He commands us to do so, because, when we forgive, especially those who have wronged us terribly, we are most like him. Forgiveness does not mean that we make believe the injustice never happened, or make light of it. It means […]

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