Kingdom Culture – What You Should Know

I cannot express in words my excitement for the launch of KINGDOM CULTURE on Sunday May 27!

Frazer even made this neat little banner for their website:

As you may be able to tell from the logo, there are three basic pillars to KINGDOM CULTURE: (1)Community Formation; (2)Personal Transformation; (3)Social Justice

Rather than unload the entire vision of KINGDOM CULTURE I want to, instead, do something a little more succinct and yet still give you a taste for what is in store.

Everything that KINGDOM CULTURE  will be about flows from a very simple eschatological premise. Yet it is a premise that has massive implications for our lives once properly understood. Instead of telling you this premise myself, I thought it would be fitting, given my love for soul music and blues, to leave the eschatological explanations up to Gungor.

So here you go:

If you want to know exactly what this means and what the implications are for our lives, please come to KINGDOM CULTURE on Sunday May 27th at 11:00 for our inaugural meeting. I’ll be teaching a message entitled “When the Kingdom Comes Down.”

See you there.


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