I want to personally invite you to what is going to be a special morning at Kingdom Culture on Sunday Nov. 4. It is a one week campaign that we are calling…


Every four years, the candidates change. But the message remains the same: “Everything that is wrong with the world is the other guy’s fault. Vote for me, and I’ll make things right.”

It’s never been true. And it’s not true this time around.

Elections are about blame and accusation.
Elections are about false hopes and empty promises.

That’s why this election season, it’s time for a different kind of candidate and a very different kind of platform.

In the first century, to say “Jesus Christ is Lord” was a political claim that threatened the Roman Empire. In the 21st century, to call Jesus Lord is still a political claim – and it’s no less scandalous.

The world is calling you to the voting booth to make a decision for a candidate to run the country. We are calling you to the bread and wine at the table to make a decision as to who will run your life.

We don’t care about your political party.
We don’t care what side you come from.

Put away your swords and soundbites.
Drop your rocks and even your nets.

This is bigger than changing a country. This is about coming to see a world that has already been changed by the resurrection.

This election season, its time to cast our vote for a different kind of candidate, a different kind of platform, a different way of life.

This election season, it’s time to proclaim Jesus as Lord.

I hope to see you this Sunday at 11:00AM in Room 8201 for Kingdom Culture’s…


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