Weekly Roundup: 9/27/13

Bravest: Amanda Phillips with “I am NOT my mental illness” (note: Amanda is a former classmate of mine at Wofford. She is awesome.) I have a mental illness.  I am not my mental illness.  I am not bipolar.  I am Amanda Eileen Phillips. I am kind and have a heart full of love that lives for throwing dinner parties and dance parties in Bath […]

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Weekly Roundup: 9/19/13

 Likely to Make You Think Long and Hard About Your Next Haircut: Katherine Haselden with “Girl in Transition” “Long hair Katherine was very keen on the academic study of religion. Short hair Katherine is learning to worship again…” Most Convicting: Glenn Packiam with “Tweeting My Life Away” “Social media creates the illusion of intimacy. When […]

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Weekly Roundup: 9/13/13

Most Likely to Make You Laugh: Jon Acuff with “Wishing You Had an Easy Job, Like Working at a Church” “People that work in churches? They’re opening thank-you notes and sunshine emails and gift baskets with delicious cheeses and spiced meats all day long.” Most Likely To Restore Your Sense of the Beauty of God: […]

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