Weekly Roundup: 9/13/13

Most Likely to Make You Laugh:

Jon Acuff with “Wishing You Had an Easy Job, Like Working at a Church”

“People that work in churches? They’re opening thank-you notes and sunshine emails and gift baskets with delicious cheeses and spiced meats all day long.”

Most Likely To Restore Your Sense of the Beauty of God:

Glenn Packiam with “Remembering Tragedy…Eucharistically”

“Most of us will never forget September 11. The question for followers of Jesus is, ‘How will we remember?'”

Most Likely To Make You Think:

Jonathan Merritt with “On Syrian Conflict, Three Christian Perspectives”

“The Syrian civil war has become a humanitarian hell. More than 100,000 are dead, images of a state-sanctioned chemical weapons attack have evoked a global protest, and most Western leaders agree that Syrian President Bashar Assad is an all-around bad guy. […] So which position should Christians support?”

Most Likely To Make You Sing:

Green River Ordinance with “Better Love”

Currently On My Kindle:

20130911-012209.jpg“Once there was One who came to us, who touched the untouchables, turned his back upon the world’s baubles, loved even unto death, and never turned his eyes away from God. And we hated him for it. He came to us with wide open hands in gracious invitation, seeking us, both patient with us and hotly pursuing us. And thereby he brought out the worst in us. We figured that things between us and God were not all that bad, but when he spoke to us of God, and ourselves, and rubbed our noses in the filthy rags of our presumed righteousness, well, we thought we were good before we met him. […] He said, ‘Come to me. Take my yoke.’ And with one voice we cried, ‘Crucify him!’”

– Will Willimon, Sinning Like a Christian



Best Tweets:

20130911-011122.jpg 20130911-120328.jpg 20130911-121212.jpg 20130911-120848.jpg

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