Reading the Bible Right

Prologue It all started with a conversation, no…an argument, no…a debate, no…a conversation. The conversation was with a friend over a topic that is a deeply contentious issue in our current culture. We disagreed. I have a fairly diverse friend-group so these types of arguments conversations happen quite often. What made this conversation unique was […]

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Bill Nye, Ken Ham, and WWE

Tonight (Tuesday, February 4) many will tune in to a debate between the humanist scientist, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and the fundamentalist Christian, Ken Ham. The debate will draw interest from Christians and atheists, alike, because the subject matter represents an important fault line in our culture. For what it is worth, here is my prediction: The […]

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No church, no Jesus.

Part I Confessions of a College Student Truth and lies, hope and despair, real and fake — all tied up in a neat package with a bow and sold to us with the label of “Christianity.” The men in suits with all the words told us what they taught was true. They told us it […]

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