Weekly Roundup 3/8/14


Will Willimon with “Good News! You’re a Sinner and Lent Is Here”

Pop-spirituality and feel-good religion were just no help to me. That’s why I’m glad that we are coming to that time of the year when the church makes us put all the injustice, sin, blood and guilt on the altar and forces us to look at it and let God deal with it.


Morgan Guyton with “Why English Majors Make Lousy Fundamentalists”

As an English major, I need for God to be an infinitely better poet than I am, which means that I’m going to be averse to any approach to interpreting the Bible that camps out at a sixth grade level of reading comprehension…

Best Sermon:

Nadia Bolz-Weber with “Truth, Dust, Babies, and Funerals”

So, to me, there is actually great hope in Ash Wednesday, a great hope  in admitting my mortality and my brokenness because then I finally lay aside my sin management program long enough to allow God to be God for me.  Which is all any of us really need when it comes down to it.

Best Reminder:

Mary Demuth with “Ageism in the Age of Hipster Christianity”

I appreciate younger Christians. And, of course, I’m grateful for their gifts, verve and guts. I even think they’re cool. But I believe we miss out on the breadth and depth of the Christian life when we marginalize or dismiss those who have walked with Jesus for decades, who have successfully moved away from Me-First, Ego-driven Christianity and have settled into selfless service. Who have learned the beautiful art of finishing well, of practicing long obedience in the same direction.

From My Blog:

“John Wesley, the Titanic, and Me”

You don’t always come ashore on a ship. Sometimes you come ashore on a plank. As it turns out, atonement theories are of very little help in a storm. So grab a hold of whatever small fragment you can find that gives you some sense of clarity, peace, and perspective and don’t let go.

Best Music Video:

John Mark McMillan with “Love at the End”

Currently Reading:

20140307-190308.jpgA religious ‘fact on the ground’ today is this:

To our near-dead victim of life, it is not likely that he has known Christianity to be anything other than the Grouch-Religion of the world.  He has probably been so shaped by the invisible force-field of attitudes and assumptions that surround him, that he has barely been able to give a hearing to Christianity in its core form, which is a religion of mercy and forgiveness…

– Paul F.M. Zahl







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