A Holy Week Reflection

Holy Week begins with what we have come to know as Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is a day of great joy, and yet there are undertones and subplots of sorrow and concern. There is something kind of ominous about Palm Sunday. On the original Palm Sunday, some 2000 years ago, the Jewish people were celebrating, […]

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Guilty God: Guilty of Love

When someone does you harm, what do you do with it? You can insist they make it right. You can stand your ground. You can force them to repair the damage and be willing to part with them unless/until they do. Or… You can swallow the harm yourself. You can say to the person, “I […]

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The Cross of Christ

This past Sunday, our pastor asked us to reflect on and respond to the question, “What does the cross mean to you?” The trouble with responding to such a question is that the cross of Christ isn’t just one thing but rather a labyrinth of sacred mystery. At the cross, all that is wrong with […]

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Dear Divinity School-

  I wrote the following for a divinity school essay last January.  I was prompted to write a reflective essay that addressed, among other things, significant life experiences that have affected my view of self, God and the world.  After much deliberation, I decided I could NOT submit this and I started over. Dear Divinity […]

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