Musings on the Middle East

There is not much that is positive on the news these days. This is particularly true of the horrific stories coming out of the Middle East. Since mid-May, the violence has escalated, swelling from a few isolated killings to all out warfare. Both sides have innocent blood on their hands. However, the narrative that dominates […]

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Millennials & Faith Interview

I recently had the opportunity to interview with River Region’s Journey Magazine about Millennials (aka: Generation Y) and faith. They interviewed 3 other pastors and published pieces of each interview, here. What I have posted below is the entirety of our correspondence.  (If you are a Millennial (18-35), or even know a Millennial, I would love […]

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American Jesus

This weekend, all across the country, hundreds of churches will adorn their santuaries with red, white, and blue apparrel and choirs will trade in All Creatures of my God and King and How Great Thou Art for My Country Tis of Thee and God Bless America. For many, this is all well and good. But such a tradition, causes me to pause […]

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