Time… We are all given this gift — emperors and paupers, kings and children, ancients and moderns. Time… We may have learned how to measure it, but who can master it? Who can make time obey it’s wishes — multiplying it or accelerating it or slowing it down? Time… With its passing, all will […]

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Baptismal Calling

Today was a big day. This morning at Frazer UMC, I witnessed the baptism of three children. Following the service, I was approved by our Charge Conference to go before the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (dCOM) as a candidate for ministry. This was a time for me to reflect upon my own baptismal calling […]

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The Meaning of Christmas

I have a friend who is currently serving as a missionary in Northern India. I spoke to him recently about his time there — particularly about the experience of spending the holiday season in a foreign land. He told me about a church, there, that had a tradition I had never contemplated before. They had […]

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Whitewashing Ferguson

Part I Introduction: At this point, I’m going to assume that you know who Michael Brown is…or was. I’m going to assume that Ferguson — a town just outside St. Louis — is, now, deeply engrained in your mental space. I’m going to assume that you have a basic knowledge of what happened back in […]

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Left *Christianity* Behind

I An Introduction I’ve been pretty outspoken, recently, about the travesty that is the “Left Behind” reboot. Can you blame me? It’s a story where peacemakers are demonic and Jesus saves the world by becoming a mass murderer. Cinematically speaking, Left Behind is to orthodox Christianity as Nickelback is to music. But rather than attack […]

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A Leap Into the Void

I Saying Goodbye to the Old: Earlier this month, I celebrated my final days as the Director of College & Young Adult Ministries at Frazer UMC. During the past two years on staff with the church I have called home for my entire life there were wonderful moments of learning, service, and growth. It was […]

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Musings on the Middle East

There is not much that is positive on the news these days. This is particularly true of the horrific stories coming out of the Middle East. Since mid-May, the violence has escalated, swelling from a few isolated killings to all out warfare. Both sides have innocent blood on their hands. However, the narrative that dominates […]

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